Universitas Ma Chung | Building A Brighter Tomorrow
To glorify God through morality, knowledge, and contribution as creative academic intellectuals.
  • To implement the Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi (Three Pillars of Tertiary Education) – higher education, research and community service with quality, focus and relevance to the needs of the community of today and the future.

  • To shape and widen the horizon of motivators and leaders of the community who possess the potential of moral development, leadership ability and entrepreneurship centering around character building and noble personality, humility, service to the community and tangible contribution as a responsible human being.

  • To develop an attitude and thinking process of critical yet principled, creative yet realistic approach based on honorable conscience and sensitivity.

  • To deliver ready-to-serve graduates of the highest quality capable of competing in the global market.

  • To be active in developing world civilization by yielding graduates with a global outlook, tolerance and peace-loving, while being productive in the generation of relevant works to improve the dignity of the world at large.

  • To efficiently administer the university based on principles of economy and accountability.


  • Original
    The university believes that everyone of us is special and unique and not a mere copy of another. With this trait, each and every academic should commit to courageously step forward differently and present originality in our action and thought.

  • Trustworthy
    The university exceptionally upholds honesty in thoughts, action and speech in an effort to reinforce the institution and the respective academics to possess and demonstrate high credibility, respect, dependable and trustworthy.

  • Perseverance
    The university deems that patience and perseverance would be capable of overcoming all obstacles and issues. The university commits to encourage a culture of true zeal, conscientiousness, tireless determination and unwavering diligence in every academic.

  • Creative
    The university boost a working culture which is innovative, productive and imaginative to continuously enable transformation and invention at work.

  • Dynamic
    The university commits to present a lively, stimulating and active work and education environment to enhance all academics to anticipate, adapt and accommodate changes.

  • Fun and Friendly
    The university supports an orderly environment of work and education embracing joy and happiness to deliver an assemblage of friendliness, tolerance and peacemaking.

  • Meritocratic
    The university acknowledges achievement, hardwork and tangible contribution. The university believes that achievements dictate its station in life.

  • Professional
    The university encourages all the academics to constantly attain quality and best motivation possible in every effort to be undertaken.

  • Responsibility
    The university urges all the academics to always be responsible for the best in thoughts, action and speech.

  • Synergy
    The university always inspires and encourages cooperation to achieve better results.

  • Humillity
    The university believes that humility is the key in fostering relationships among mankind for peace, orderliness and productivity. The university strives to nurture in every academic to always demonstrate and respect all stations of life and not to be condescending.

  • Citizenship
    The university is proactive in offering contributions to cultivate a community and a living environment of peace, healthy, secure, fair and prosperity.
16 SEP 2014

Mulai SMP, seorang Roberto Anthony sudah terbiasa menuntut ilmu dan belajar mandiri serta tinggal jauh dari orang tua. Dari keluarga yang ada di Blitar, Toto – panggilan akrabnya pergi ke kota M...

14 AUG 2014

An Intern Enjoying Work

I had the opportunity to do several workshops with the Marketing and Communications team of Universitas Ma Chung where went to several schools in Lombok in J...

5 AUG 2014

Mari Bergabung Bersama Kami
Universitas Ma Chung merupakan kampus unggulan berbasis riset dan bisnis yang letaknya di pusat Kota Malang. Tahun ini membuka pendaftaran ajaran baru 2014/2015...

5 JUN 2014

Universitas Ma Chung melalui Ma Chung Research Center for Photosynthetic Pigments sangat senang menerima kunjungan dari SMA Kristen Calvin Jakarta pada 5 Juni 2014. Dalam kunjungannya, siswa-siswi...