Universitas Ma Chung | Building A Brighter Tomorrow

The name 'Ma Chung' is widely recognised as one of the historical schools in Malang, East Java, from which many an alumni had graduated since 1950s. This school had established a high educational standard alongside the development of moral values for all its graduates. The school building is still standing where it once proudly stood to be seen by the younger generation of today. However, it is now relegated for a different use by another institution. But, there is another thing that has stood the test of time: the Spirit of Ma Chung Alumni.

Spread all over the world, these high-spirited alumni have created history in their own right, as scholars in many reputable universities or as successful Indonesian enterpreneurs who are well respected in the international business arena.

The idea of establishing Universitas Ma Chung (Ma Chung University) was hatched during the 55th Anniversary of Ma Chung Middle School and student reunion on September 2001 in Xiamen, China, upon the strong axiom and spirit of Ma Chung which include: harmony, unity, devotion to the community and dedication to the Indonesian education.

Holding firmly to the motto – "When drinking water, do not forget its spring, just as when one is successful, one should return to one's roots" – and combined with the commitment of the Ma Chung alumni all over the world, a legal entity aptly named PT. Ma Chung was founded on 1 May 2004 as the initial step towards the creation of Universitas Ma Chung, as pioneered by Soegeng Hendarto, Mochtar Riady, Teguh Kinarto, Hendro Sunjoto, Koentjoro Loekito, Effendy Sudargo, Agus Chandra, Hadi Widjojo, Nuryati Tanuwidjaya, Nehemja, Alex Lesmana Samudra, Evelyn Adam, Hadi Surjono, Nagawidjaja Winoto and Soebroto Wirotomo: names which are often associated to outstanding businesses of international repute.

As an acclamation and a true mark of these Ma Chung alumni's willpower from all over the world, on 17 July 2005 as part of their Reunion and 60th Anniversary of Ma Chung Middle School in Malang, the first foundation stone of Universitas Ma Chung was laid. And to expedite the running of the university into the foreseeable future, Yayasan Harapan Bangsa Sejahtera (Prosperous National Hope Foundation) was founded and underwhich, Universitas Ma Chung operates till today.

Senior Alumni, Prof Dr Yang Zhiling and Prof Dr Bin Ling untiringly guided and gave concrete counsel in relation to the building and administrative running of the university. These valuable input became the first steps towards the blue print for the management of PT Ma Chung and Yayasan Harapan Bangsa Sejahtera to work from.

Then, on 7 July 2007, Universitas Ma Chung was officially opened; proudly attended and witnessed by thousands of the Ma Chung alumni.

23 JUL 2016

Dari tahun ke tahun, Universitas Ma Chung selalu membuktikan dirinya dalam memberikan pendidikan kepada putra-putri terbaik bangsa. Maka sampailah perjalanan Universitas Ma Chung di tahun ke-9. Di...

1 JUL 2016


9 JUN 2016

Sebanyak 16 orang tamu dari Guangzhou mengunjungi Universitas Ma Chung pada Kamis, 9 Juni 2016 yang lalu. Para rombongan disambut oleh para wakil rektor dan para dosen pengajar Bahasa Mandarin di ...

24 MAY 2016

Guna memberikan pengayaan kepada para siswa kelas XII, SMA Charis National Academy berkunjung ke Universitas Ma Chung pada Selasa, 24 Mei 2016 yang lalu. “Tahun ini, kami memiliki program yang b...