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Summer Programs

• Three Days with IT
This short program invites participants to directly apply the advantages of free IT technology for all users within Malang (Malang Go Open Source), optimizing legal software in the market and also sharing relevant research topics.

• Two-Week “Back to the Sea: Knowing More about Seaweed in Indonesia” Program
The package offers participants to have the real world experience with the seaweed culture in Indonesia, seaweed industry, laboratory experiments in the isolation of fucoxanthin and identification of pigment content and composition using 3D High Performance Liquid Chromatography. This intensive program will be inclusive of all course materials, local housing, domestic airfares to Bali and Sulawesi during seaweed sampling activity.

• Two-Week ‘’Local Manufacturing’’ Program
This project-based program will introduce all participants to problem solving initiatives for SMEs within the city of Malang. The activities include homestay, FGD, Counter-part Sharing, International Class, industry visits and actual problem solving.

• Two-Week ‘’Insightful Indonesian Economics’’ Program
This program allows participants to “Sit in Classes” with several choices of subjects offered, visits to local SMEs and NGOs operating within the city of Malang, and foreign participants will collaborate with our active student body for community service activities.

• Three Weeks Cultural Program
The program includes hands-on participation in cultural classes/seminars/guest lectures, learning and practicing Bahasa Indonesia with locals, learning handicraft making, visiting home industries around Malang like pottery, ceramics, and soybean cake (tempe). Participants will stay with local host families and will have trips to villages and places of interest.

• One Semester Language and Cultural Program
The program includes joining regular classes at Universitas Ma Chung, learning and practicing Bahasa Indonesia with natives, hands-on traditional handicraft making, visiting home industries around Malang, staying with host family or university-approved dormitory, discovery trip to villages and places of interest. There will opportunities to collaborate with other universities or local cultural organizations for cultural seminars, presenting cultural programs to schools, exhibition, etc.
27 NOV 2016

27 November 2016, Prodi Pendidikan Bahasa Mandarin mengadakan lomba Ma Chung Chinese Competition. Lomba ini diselenggarakan oleh dosen-dosen prodi pendidikan bahasa Mandarin. Lomba yang diikuti ol...

17 NOV 2016

17 Oktober 2016 Ma Chung mendatangkan Simon Grimley dan Dr. Juliane Sauer dalam acara Information Session on The Marie Sklodowska-Curie (MSCA). Acara yang telah berlangsung di Ma Chung R & D Cent...

15 NOV 2016

Empat puluh siswa IPH School (West) Surabaya mengunjungi Universitas Ma Chung pada tanggal 15 November 2016 lalu. Acara diawali dengan ucapan selamat datang yang disampaikan oleh Dr. Yudi Setyani...

10 NOV 2016

Kamis, 10 November 2016 enam mahasiswa dan dua dosen Universitas Papua datang ke Universitas Ma Chung. Kedatangan mereka disambut oleh Dr. Anna Triwijayati, M.Si dan Ir. Stefanus Yufra Menahen Tan...